Message from Managing Director
Welcome to Stairway Educational Services!
Dear students, you have made a right decision in choosing Stairway Educational Services (SES) Pvt. Ltd. for study abroad counseling and guidance. I know making such important decisions as which country to go to, which city to live in, which institute to study in, and so on is not an easy task. It requires a lot of knowledge, information and efforts. The team of expertise at Stairway Educational Services is always ready to guide you through. We have a long term vision and service spirit to guide the students to make right decisions about their future. We are committed to provide a complete and genuine information and assistance in course of choosing the right institute, right destination and right career path. With such commitment and service spirit, we are successful in sending hundreds of students to their desired destination within a short span of time and the students are highly satisfied too.
Additionally, feel free to meet me personally and ask me if you have any queries regarding you study abroad plan. You are always welcome in my office.
Finally, you don’t waste your time by visiting around the city for the same purpose.
With warm regards,

Raji Thapa
Managing Director, Stairway Educational Services Pvt. Ltd.