Learning German Language Courses complements such fields as architecture, economics, government, history, engineering, and computer science. But no matter what their future careers, students find that German Studies, as part of a liberal arts education, can enrich their professional and personal lives. German language skills promise an advantage for the economy, people’s careers and also for academia. It also gives students access to countries that flourish economically and offer good opportunities.

For networking and approaching clients, and partially also for business communication, knowing German gives you an additional advantage. People who have completed German Language Courses as a second language will seek contact to native speakers of that language. German learners will try to make something of their language skills. They’ll travel to Germany more frequently and network with Germans.

German Language ( Time Flexible)
• Price level- A1 (1.1)(1.2) : 17,000 with books (2 months)
80% Guaranteed Score.
• Price level- A2(1.1)(1.2) : 18,000 with books (2months)
80% Guaranteed Score.
• Price level- B1: 20,000 with books (2 months)
• For all levels we will provide exam preparation (Mock Test)
• Audio & Video Facilities in the classroom.

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